Elizabeth Kuehn

EKresizeElizabeth Kuehn, RDA has been working in the dental industry for five decades. She has literally experienced the dental field from the inside out, from twenty years as a dental assistant and office manager, to the present day as business owner. Elizabeth’s experience has provided her with the technical knowledge and the unique perspective necessary to truly understand the needs of both candidates for placement and dental offices.

Her career began as a dental assistant in 1969, where she was trained on the job. As a result, she completed training provided by the Greater Houston Dental Society in 1970.  Elizabeth worked happily and loyally for the same dentist for sixteen years. It’s because of that experience that she has known the importance of making the “right match” between a dentist and his or her staff.

In 1989, Elizabeth made a big decision to leave her dental assisting position and set out with a belief in herself and an idea of what kind of placement service dentists needed. As a result, she became a founding partner in The Dental Solution. During the next eight years, Elizabeth built a name for herself in the industry and helped grow The Dental Solution to become one of Houston’s top dental industry placement services. On May 2, 1997, she sold her half of The Dental Solution.

Concurrently, Elizabeth formally announced the services of her new company, The Dental Network, through trade journals, direct mailings and phone calls. The Dental Network was created on the idea that clients she had obtained and nurtured over the years are best served by her steadfast belief in the importance of customer service. Elizabeth’s business philosophy has always been to provide a friendly voice on the phone, to understand the needs of her clients and to work diligently to meet those needs. Today, it is that very philosophy that distinguishes both The Dental Network and Elizabeth Kuehn from others in the field.

In her 32 years in the placement service business, Elizabeth has given support to and been supported by the Greater Houston Dental Society, the Greater Houston Dental Hygiene Society and the Dental Assistants Association. She has attended the Greater Houston Dental Meeting for 50 years, the last 32 as an exhibitor. 

Elizabeth is a dedicated wife and mother, devoted grandmother, fair golfer, better than average bowler and careful scuba diver. She’s an active member of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Crosby who speaks fluent Spanish and enjoys life to the fullest.

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