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WHY CALL THE DENTAL NETWORK FOR STAFFING HELP?  Wondering if a Temp is for you? Consider these benefits.


ConfidenceThe Dental Network provides prescreened candidates, certified by the State of Texas. We personally interview each of our candidates so that we can send them to your office with confidence in their abilities. When you call The Dental Network, you can rest assured you’re calling for quality personnel.


Convenience. Someone call in sick? Don’t rearrange your appointment schedule and inconvenience patients. Call The Dental Network to fill the position. Maternity leave? We can find someone to fill in. Booked solid during spring break? Utilizing temporary personnel enables you to cover your staffing needs as they arise.


The Bottom LineMonetarily speaking, utilizing temporary personnel can save your practice the overhead of a permanent employee. Temporary staff are responsible for their own health insurance.


The Working Interview.  Looking to hire someone permanently but wish you could “test drive” their capabilities and ensure they fit into your office environment. Hire a candidate for a day or a week. The working interview can make your long term hiring decisions much easier.


If you need a temp, please contact us or fill out this form.


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