Dental Network clients are dental offices looking to hire a hygienist, assistant, dentist or office assistance on a temporary or permanent basis. We can fill these positions for a day, a week, a month or longer – with ample lead time or a moment’s notice if necessary.

The candidates we place are registered professionals. We screen and interview every candidate in our database of more thaserviceGuaranteeLgen 1,500 professionals. If you have specific requirements such as I don’t know what, or technology, or impressions, let us know and we’ll search for candidates that suite your specific needs.

The Dental Network charges a fee for placement. The professionals we place are compensated directly, by the hour. by the office in which they are placed. Standard hourly rates are suggested and agreed upon prior to placement. For a current placement fee schedule, contact us.

Why clients work with us

Why candidates work with us 

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